Sunday, February 14, 2016

Magical Creature Land: Part 3

[continued from part 2, here]

Deep in the bottom of the sea, past coral and seaweed and many strange creatures, she found the Encantado’s cave. Yellow Grass was eager to help. She said the spell was etched into a stone buried with rocks in shallow water. If they could reach it before the tide came in, they might be able to find it.
Green Grass Sweet swam to the shore as fast as she could. Returning to her human form, she ran with Unicorn Purple Sky and dragon BeeBee to the spot Yllow Grass had specified. As the tide crept in, they furiously rummaged through the rocks.
“I found it!” cried Unicorn Purple Sky. “This is it!” The friends held hands and read the spell together with their toes in the rising water. The Unicorn fell into the water, at least returning to her selkie-seal form.
“Huzzah!” cried the friends.
“Farewell Beebee! We’ll see you again soon!” the two selkies cried as they swam out into the sea, towards the setting sun, laughing and splashing as they dove deep into the water.

The End

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Magical Creature Land: Part 2

[part one of the story found here]

Green Grass Sweet scrambled to put on the selkie coat Unicorn Purple Sky threw to her, and race towards the sea as rain drops splashed on her head. But before she was close to the waters edge, Star Monsters began to dive to the ground, in between the friends and the water.
Green Grass Sweet ran left. Unicorn Purple Sky ran right and flapped her wings to distract the monsters. Beebee blew great flames as he ran close behind Green Grass Sweet, warding off the monsters coming towards her.
Green Grass Sweet narrowly escaped the monsters with the help of her friends. Scrambling to get her arm into the sleeves of her selkie coat as she ran, she dove into the water, just in the nick of time.
As the waves crashed over Green Grass Sweet, her human form melted away and she began to smoothly glide through the water with her new seal flippers. She twirled and soared through the water, enjoying her new form.

Eventually she remembered her friends and emerged at the surface to show them it had worked, she’d become a seal! “Hooray!” cried the unicorn and dragon. “Now you can help me to turn back into a selkie too! You must find my friend, Yellow Grass. She is an Encantado, a dolphin who turns human on land. She has not come to the surface in a long time, so I have not been able to ask her where the spell that can turn me back into a selkie is hidden. You must find her cave and get the clues! “I will do my best,” cried Green Grass Sweet, as she dove beneath the water again.

to be continued . . . 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Magical Creature Land

Dear Eiley and Margot,

Sofia, Daniel and I have lots of fun imagining and playing together. Recently, we developed this story about Magical Creature Land. We thought you might enjoy reading it or acting it out, so we're sharing it with you hear, in installments, so you can get excited to find out what will happen next. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did!

Sofia, Daniel and Zoe

Magical Creature Land:
Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a purple unicorn named Unicorn Purple Sky. She entered the land of humans, called Earth.
Unicorn Purple Sky had been born as a selkie (a human that becomes a seal in water), but a star monster did not like selkies, so it turned her into a unicorn. She missed her selkie life so much. She at least wanted to see a selkie.
She ran through the forests of earth until she was spotted by a kind young girl who befriended her. The young girl, Green Grass Sweet discovered her new friend was no ordinary horse, she was a unicorn!
Unicorn Purple Sky invited Green Grass Sweet into Magical Creature Land, where she was queen. She explained that in her land, she had the power to transform Green Grass Sweet into a selkie if she wished. Green Grass Sweet had always wanted to live in the sea, so she eagerly agreed.
Waving her wand, Unicorn Purple Sky brought them into Magical Creature Land. The sky was purple. The sea was black. The grass was yellow.
Selkies and unicorns fed on the yellow grass, which tasted like lemon. The grass helped the unicorns produce a healing tea that tasted like peach and was poured out of their horns.
Unicorn Purple Sky warned Green Grass Sweet of the star monsters before she entered the sea and became a selkie. They appeared as creature constellations in the night sky. But when it began to rain, the weight of the water brought the star monsters down, riding on rain drops.
Star monsters do not like selkies who can explore the sea freely while they are confined to the sky. So they try to catch selkies on land and trap them there by transforming them into unicorns, which they believe are more beautiful.
Unicorn Purple Sky suddenly stopped and became silent. Her horn also worked as a radio antennae, and when she heard a beautiful song come through to her head, she would flap her wings, amplifying the music, and begin to dance along. Green Grass Sweet also loved the music coming from her new friend’s wings, so she joined into the dance.
Out from the forest emerged a tiny adorable dragon, attracted by the music. Without a word, but with a great smile, he joined the dance as well. After all their delightful dancing, they took a rest and introduced themselves to each other. The dragon’s name was Beebee.
“I’m hungry after all that dancing!” cried Beebee. Knowing how much dragon’s love gold, Unicorn Purple Sky and Green Grass Sweet gathered together a picnic of yellow grass for themselves, golden cheddar crackers for Beebee, and healing peach tea from the alicorn, sweetened with golden honey for them all.
“Uh oh!” cried Unicorn Purple Sky. Drip. Drop. Drip. It was beginning to rain. In all the fun of their dancing, a picnic and new friend, they had forgotten about the danger of the star monsters.

To be continued . . . 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Movie Review Monday: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Here's the sixth installment of my six part series on the inner monologue of a 32 year old watching Star Wars for the first time. You can find the other installments here: Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode IV, Episode V.

  • This movie hasn't started yet, but I'm prepared for EWOKS!
  • Why are there four dots on the ellipsis? (A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....)
  • *
  • Man, these opening shots must have looked SO cool in the 70s. I mean, they look pretty cool now!**
  • I'm having trouble transforming Hayden Christenson into someone who has James Earl Jones' voice.
  • Whoa, someone is above Darth Vader in rank?
  • I will call this an Oz gatekeeper robot. 
  • I already like this movie WAY more than the others.
  • Hog man!
  • Snake tumor-head man!
  • Is this just a planet of ugly? And that's why Jabba the Hutt is their leader?
  • Is someone playing the pan pipes?!
  • I think Jabba could be cute if he had a modicum of kindness in his heart.
    Eh, maybe not.
  • If robots could faint, C3P0 would be flat on the ground by now.
  • Oh. Ugly planet burlesque dancing. Shudder.
  • This scene is SO WEIRD. I half expect emo-Toby-Spiderman to join in on this train wreck.
  • Bye, green girl.
  • Chewbacca! His hair looks terrible.
  • I like that blue elephant Muppet.
  • Lando! Thanks for tugging your disguise down just enough for us to see it's you. Subtle.
  • I wonder how many actors have had to emerge from cryogenic hibernation. Now I feel like watching Demolition Man.
  • Caught! You just HAD to make out a little before getting away.
  • Aww! Chewie and Han are having a snuggle.
  • Woo! Luke used the Force big time.
  • I would not want my brother to see me in that outfit. Give Leia your glorified bath robe, Luke!
  • Eeesh! That is one nasty monster.
  • I wonder if that Hog man tasted like ham or human.
  • Ah, the old "prop his mouth open with a bone" trick.
  • Aw, that obese human is sad about losing his pet abomination.
  • Are those nerfs? As in, nerf herder?
  • Is R2D2 a waiter now?
  • Wait, why did we have to wait until the last minute to make this move?
  • Wilhelm scream!
  • Take him down, Leia!
  • This monster is like Tremors + Beetlejuice sand monster + Audrey 2. (If you understand all those references, then 20 points to your house!)
  • Magnetic droid pick-up!
  • Wow. The shape of the starfighter pasta in my Star Wars mac and cheese is really accurate.
  • Oh, right. Emperor Palpatine is Darth Vader's master.
  • Yoda!
  • Holy cow, almost halfway through and no Ewoks.
  • Someone should recreate these Yoda scenes with Miss Piggy.
  • Oh, no. Don't die, Yoda.
  • Yes, Luke. Darth Vader is your father. Keep up.
  • Speak up, Yode. Can I call you Yode?
  • Buster is snoring, which is appropriate for this particular scene.
  • John Williams is really working his oboist. Or bassoonist?
  • Yoda way overacted that death scene.
  • Yoda disappeared like a Buffy vampire when he died!
  • Obi Wan. You basically lied, don't try to justify that. "From a certain point of view." Psh.
  • OH. He still doesn't know Leia's his sister? That's going to be awkward.
  • Who's this Julie Andrews wannabe?
  • Ackbar has REALLY big eyes.
  • Aw, the gang is back together again. War is fun!
  • Lando is going to blow up the Millennium Falcon, isn't he?
  • How did Han learn to speak Wookie? And why doesn't he ever respond to Chewie in his native tongue?
  • Palpatine's robe looks particularly cozy.
  • "I will deal with them myself." The twins are SO busted.
  • Jeff is not amused by me chanting "Ewoks! Ewoks!" at the screen.
  • No Ewoks yet. Just Storm Troopers. Cool hover jet skis!
  • Realistically, they should have run into 357 trees by now. Aside from that, this is AWESOME.
  • EWOK.
  • Why does she think she's stuck? Because of the teddy bear with the blunt spear?
  • Woo! Ewok with the assist!
  • Darth Vader said penetrated, and I didn't like it.
  • Yo, Palpatine. I foresee that you're WRONG.
  • Trap triggered!
  • Whoa. Chief Ewok is NOT adorable. Also, now I have the Wizard of Oz Munchkin song in my head. "Come out, come out wherever you are..."
  • Are they worshiping C3P0?
  • I like Ewok music. And their treehouse land. And I hope someone yells Rufio.
  • Holy cow. Baby Ewok is cute.
  • The Ewoks did Leia's hair?
  • This movie has a lot of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie joyfully reuniting.
  • Story time with C3P0.
  • "She died when I was very young." Uh. You were JUST born. Oh, she means her adoptive mom.
  • "Somehow...I've always known." No, you have not! Puh-LEASE, Leia! Did you know when you were kissing?! Because ew.
  • Han's jealous of Luke's relationship with Leia. Boy, he's going to feel sheepish.
  • "Hold me." Gag ME.
  • Vader's ship looks like the hand of an evil scientist as he strokes his goatee when it's landing.
  • Hey, dad.
  • I definitely see why it was recommended to watch the prequels before this. This scene is much richer in meaning with the back story. No sarcasm, serious comment.
  • This distraction Ewok is having SO MUCH FUN.
  • I've always thought Vader was this big, ultimate bad guy, but Palpatine's WAY worse than him! Why isn't he more famous? Is it that he's pure evil and has no layers? Or is it because it's not as easy to dress like him?  
  • How can anyone not love the Ewoks? Little dudes completes save the day.
  • There have been no solid light saber fights in this film.
  • I like when R2 screams like a girl.
  • Did that Ewok die?! I feel genuinely sad about this!
  • I wish Luke would chop off Palpatine's head. Is that not an option?
  • Mark Hamill has the body of a preteen female gymnast.
  • YOU will meet your destiny.
  • Harrison Ford: Master of the cocky shrug.
  • Aw, Lukey is playing hide-and-seek with Daddy.
  • This light saber fight is satisfying.
  • Force lightning! Or something! That's cheating, fight like a Jedi!
  • Oh, snap. Daddy saved you.
  • Lando just got a scratch on the Millennium Falcon!
  • Holy cow. This scene with Luke and Vader is touching. Imperial Death March plucked gently on a stringed instrument reinforces my feelings!
  • No, Han, you don't understand.
  • Do they get to keep that Ewok as a pet? Sorry, is that an offensive question?
  • Burning plastic is really bad for the environment, Luke.
  • Celebrate! The whole galaxy!
  • What happens with the remaining Storm Troopers?
  • OH MY, they added Hayden's ghost to this. LAME.
In conclusion, I liked this one the best out of Episodes I-VI. Probably because of the Ewoks.

*I'm going to be mature and not mention the terrible scrolly exposition this time. Very mature.
**I'm realizing that we watched the digitally altered version, so the opening shot might possibly have been tampered with. I have no idea though.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Movie Review Monday: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Here's the fifth installment of my six part series on the inner monologue of a 32 year old watching Star Wars for the first time:

  • "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" wasn't scrolling, and I got SO excited for about three seconds, but NOOOOO...scrolly exposition is still here.
  • Dooku continues to be a ridiculous name.
  • Boom! Right into battle!
  • I feel like I'm watching someone play a video game.
  • If Amazon ends up using droids for deliveries, a rival service should use buzz droids to mess them up.
  • If R2D2's head gets lopped off by that buzz droid, I'm going on Star Wars strike.
  • Who's this skeleton robot? I've literally never seen this creature before, and he seems like a main character.
    Photo from
  • Whoa! The light saber's a walkie talkie to R2D2?! NEAT. It's a shame it's going to blow his cover.
  • These robots' voices are the opposite of intimidating.
  • R2D2 FIRE.
  • Dooku starts the fight with a triple forward flip and sticks the landing. 10!
  • "Twice the pride, double the fall." That sounds like a bad advertising slogan.
  • Ewan appears to be squished.
  • Anakin should have said "Dooku, don't lose your head" before he did that.
  • This is a mean Chancellor.
  • Wilhelm scream!
  • If the ship is split open, wouldn't there be a distinct lack of gravity? How is all this falling happening? Scratch that. They'd all, like, implode and suffocate all the time if real space rules applied.
  • Ruh-roh.
  • General Grievous? Really phoned that name in, didn't we?
  • It'd be useful for wizards to learn the Force. Obi Wan and Anakin essentially just performed "Accio Lightsaber" without wands.
  • Why does Grievous have a cough and a cape? He's a robot.
  • Ewan never falters in his positive spirit. He'd make a great Christmas elf.
  • I hope they're going to visit some Ewoks or Yoda or something cute.
  • R2D2 screams like a pansy girl.
  • That ship looks like the monorail!
  • Anakin's hair. Yeesh.
  • President Santos! In a blue pimp coat! 
  • Padme still wants Anakin to be her super secret special friend.
  • "I'm pregnant." "That's...................." way too long pause "..........wonderful."
  • Oh, please. You cannot brush curls like that. They'd frizz into a mane. 
  • No, I'M so in love. No, I am! No, I AM. Gag.
  • It'd be so great if this whole movie was just like, getting ready to be a space. Baby space. Going into space! And they just give up the battles and everything.
  • Yoda!
  • Now all I can think is that Frank Oz was on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and he came across a bit haughty. Haughty Yoda.
  • Ooo Anakin's going to spy on the Chancellor. (I think of Chancellor Arnold from Beverly Hills 90210 every time I hear the word Chancellor.)
  • Yoda's speech pattern is officially NOT endearing.
  • I don't believe Samuel L. Jackson is part of this fictional world. He's just himself in a robe.
  • Oh, Natalie. This is not your best work.
  • Ominous music. What the heck are they watching? Looks like Cirque performed by giant goldfish (or sperm?) in large floating drops of water.
  • How'd Chancellor know they wanted Annie to spy on him? This guy's a total creeper. Is he the Sith Lord in Grievous's hologram?!
  • Wookies! Finally!
  • Did that Wookie just do a Tarzan yell?
  • I can't remember if Obi Wan is alive in the older movies. That last scene between Anakin and Obi Wan felt rather final.
  • "I want more!" - Anakin so often sounds like a petulant child.
  • Obi Wan is now riding a giant lizard that looks plucked directly from a mediocre show on SyFy.
  • Oh, snap. That was a rad move, Obi Wan. Crashing that giant thing from the ceiling then casually lopping that robot's head off. A-.
  • Wow! Grievous has a lot of arms!
  • Extreme eye close-ups!
  • Oh, no! Quick - Accio Lightsaber again!
  • I think the Chancellor would be good friends with President Snow.
  • Confirmed Sith Lord Chancellor!
  • Grievous has a heart! Or something organic and squishy. That explains the cough.
  • And entire scene of Anakin and Padme staring out their windows.
  • I'll bet those snakes on the plane aren't looking so bad now, Samuel L.
  • Ew.
  • Super poor choice, Anakin.
  • Darth Vader! Imperial march! Get that boy a costume change!
  • Man. Anakin decided to go to the dark side and now he's just all in.
  • Mugatu, noooooo!
  • Character from Avatar, nooooo!
  • I usually like montages, but this one's depressing.
  • Yoda with the double head chop!
  • Yoda riding piggyback on Chewie. Adorbs.
  • Is Anakin going to kill all these baby Jedis?!
  • Phew, President Santos got away.
  • Wookie communication is similar to Margot communication: Lots of adorable, meaningful head tilting.
  • "Are you all right?" - Padme. Anakin's response should be "Oh, I'm fine. I'm just on a killing spree. NBD."
  • Can't R2 tell Padme that Anakin has LOST IT?
  • I wonder how many people Yoda has killed.
  • I realize that Anakin's motivation is to keep his wife alive, but I have to say...dude is evil. He must have always had it in him. *I'm realizing that this is probably a great nerd debate and maybe not that simple, but it seems pretty clear to me.
  • That alien looked like the witch's guards in Wizard of Oz.
  • Did Obi Wan really not know who the father of Padme's kid was yet?
  • At least Anakin is crying. That's a point for the "he's not all evil" side of the nerdebate.
  • Padme's ability to run while pregnant is wildly unrealistic.
  • Anakin's really hung up on comparing Padme to his mother. 
  • "You turned her against me!" He should stomp his feet when he says such things.
  • Every time Yoda destroys guards with ease I giggle. Adorable violence.
  • Poke him in the face so he has to wear a mask and breathe funny, Obi Wan!
  • What's this electricity magic power? I'm guessing he doesn't use it more often because it makes him that.
    Darth Sidious? More like Darth Sidiyuck.
    Photo from
  • The prominent choral portion of the score makes me feel that we're reaching the end of this interminable fight scene.
  • "It's over, Anakin. I have the higher ground." - Lorelai Gilmore's anger at this is not unreasonable.
  • Anakin clearly never played hot lava as a child. So much burning!
  • "Is Anakin all right?" NO.
  • Lying flat on her back while pregnant. Was there not one mother on set to correct these little things?
  • Hey, Anakin, silver lining: Your terrible, terrible hair is gone.
  • So Luke and Leia must be twins. (A robot confirmed that three seconds after I wrote it. Neat.)
  • That putting on the Darth Vader mask shot was COOL.
  • Padme totally would have lived if Anakin hadn't gone all dark side in an effort to save her.
  • "NOOOOOOOO!" Hehe.
  • Padme's mortician has skillz.
    I've never looked that good. And I'm alive.
    Photo from
  • Surely this film will end soon. Ah, we're establishing the twins' lives.
  • It's over!
In conclusion, this was the best of the newer films and I very nearly enjoyed it. Only one more, and then I'll have earned my right to see JJ's film!